How to buy a Domain Name

Every business needs its identity and their website needs to be catchy, the right name length so that its easy to remember!

And to get one, Host Base has put together some of the steps that you will need to know in order to buy a domain name. Luckily, domain registration has become quite a simple procedure nowadays. It’s also one of the first steps you need to take when you start a website or blog.

Here are 6 short steps to help you buy a domain name:Choose a reliable domain registrar (like Host Base)

  • Every domain registrar should have a domain availability checker tool which you can use to easily find the domain name of your choice.
  • Run a domain name search.  To see 10 tips that makes a domain good and valuable name. Click here.
  • Pick the best available option.
  • Finalize your order and complete the domain registration
  • Verify the ownership of your new domain

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